Cartoons with Stripgenerator

I was looking around as I often to to pass sometime and found this website I quickly made a cartoon strip (shown at the bottom of the post) in a couple of minutes with little inspiration, yes I know it shows! You get a set of characters, objects, shapes and bubbles to add to your strip. The shapes can be rotated, flipped re-sized etc. to your wishes. It’s just a case of dragging and dropping the items you want in the place you want them and adding text.

Looking through what I’ll be doing the year in Literacy I’m hoping to be able to include this in a lesson or two. When the strip is finished it can be emailed to people (i.e. me the teacher) and you are given a link to the strip on the website. In the world of instant feedback being able to say to parents we’re going to be doing storyboards/comicstrips this week and you’ll be able to see your child’s work at the end of the day may well hold appeal to many.

A full size version of the cartoon.