Well we’re only in our first whole week of the new year and disaster has struck already. The ICT suite which was only completed last year is currently redundant. A new circuit was put in for all the power and network connections, and this runs the whole length of the room. Unfortunately the power was lost sometime today for a reason that is unknown. I assume it has tripped out but there isn’t a breaker in the room and I have no idea where the fuse for the room maybe… To add insult to injury it appeared the box from BT that provide our internet connection was also plugged into the same circuit. Apparently the Head has spent quite some time looking into the problem and eventually called BT. Luckily I discovered the box under a desk when I dropped my pen and cancelled the engineer and found an extension to an alternative plug point.

I’m going to chalk it up as a victory, however small at least I got the school, and importantly for brownie points the SMT back online and with the ever important email!
Hopefully the electrician will be into school soon.

On a brighter not I found out in this weeks staff meeting that I will also be the D&T co-ordinator this year – the Head would like a special focus to be paid to control technology, hopefully this will cause less problems for me.