In-School Excel Training : An Agenda

This week I’ve been asked to give a staff meeting on Excel, this is one of my duties as ICT coordinator. I see lots of people either using Excel in a half-hearted kind of a way, or (many more) who are just plain scared of it. The session will be around an hour long so I’ve thought of these subjects to touch on as a starting point. I tried to choose topics that would be immediately useful to the teachers who attend.

  • Freezing Panes – How to make it so that part of the spreadsheet doesn’t move when you scroll
  • Conditional Formatting – How to make the colour/font/size of a cell change depending upon what is written in it. Eg. making low scores turn red and high scores green automatically.
  • Sorting – How to rank names etc based on the alphabet or value (eg. test score).
  • Introduction to Formulas – How to add up columns, find averages etc.
  • Linking Sheets – How to get data to flow between sheets to save duplication of effort. (ADVANCED)
  • Graphs – How to draw graphs from data in a spreadsheet.

When it’s all done and dusted I’ll find some time to sit down and record my reflections upon the event, and maybe post resources I found of use.

What would you have on your list?