Video Conferencing

The Video Conferencing (or “VC” for now on) equipment was installed in our school today, and predictably it didn’t all work like it should. Cut a long story short the training was very short, really consisting of how to turn it on ( guess what! You press the power button on everything!) and how to use the basic functions to receive and make a VC call.
So all is good, next I have to put a couple of license codes into the machine so that we can add an additional Video input to our system and then another code so we can see 2 video sources on the same screen – for see the other parties and also seeing a PowerPoint presentation for example.
It all sounds and looks pretty interesting I guess the next step is to find someone who is willing to have me make a call to them to check it all works and learn how to do the basics so that I can go off and share the “knowledge” to the rest of the staff. Of course then we all need to think of some ways to actually use it in lessons…