Well, I’m not sure I am as far as the on-line established world goes. Anyway I’ve transferred the site I had put up here in the holidays for my forthcoming Year 5 class to the school domain, and am now wondering what, other than a test site I can use this domain for. I had started in the past to blog about educational technology and my experiences. However there are far better sites for that sort of reading:

Also I’ve been reading about Lijit (in Mr. Belshaw’s blog) and have added the links etc. that came from that experiment at the bottom left of the page. I agree with the ideas about the service and imagine that the result will improve with the improvement I make in my online reading and (possibly) blogging. I am intrigued to see how it works out, and how it could be used as a recommended search engine for a school, or a particular subject at school if I went to the effort of arranging one first.

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  1. Tim, thanks for checking Lijit out and posting about our service. I agree with your suggestions of using Lijit as an educational search, especially when used by a teacher that others consider an expert. The ability to do a search through that teacher’s online content, bookmarked articles and other blogs that he/she reads would be a useful tool for students. If you have any additional feedback about the wijit, please feel free to contact me.

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