Photo Editing in Picnik

There are loads of editing tools about for use on or off line. There are times when Photoshop is just too much, or as is often the case at school not available on the PC your working on. Picnik is like Picassa and will allow you to do the usual sort of photo editing such as sharpening, filtering, red-eye removal. Along with the more basic resizing and cropping. I think this will become a valuable bookmark for school use, and something that I’ll be thinking about recommending to children at school. My only reservation for that is the requirement to register You can choose to edit photos without registration.

I’m not sure why but have reservations about telling my Year 5 students to use too many services that require registration, maybe I should just let them decide.

It too will allow for sharing, although I haven’t tried this part of the service I doubt it is likely to tear me away from my regular service any time soon, but never say never….