Timeline Searching in Google

I was looking at the experimental searches available in Google and got to thinking about using the timeline one for History. You can search for a concept, or anything else and the results will be displayed on – yes – a timeline.


Screenshot of a Google Timeline Search for Victorian EnglandTo the left is the search I did for my History topic for this half-term: Victorian Times. The resulting output shows the events along a timeline at the top and running along the left-handside. It included Victoria’s accention the throne, though not at the start of the list but didn’t seem to have an entry for her death. This is a “Google Labs” product and as such seems to need some work but an interesting tool to play with remembering the golden rule of using more than one source!


Google have now ended this service, I have written a short post about this here: http://learn.jacksonhq.com/google-timeline-search-comes-to-an-end/