Teaching In Thailand: My First Day

I’m really tired today – although I have finally got my sleeping patterns sorted out I’m still running low on energy.
So today was the first day the children were in the school. I have 12 in my class if/when they all turn up, one I know is still on holiday and there was one other absent so I had a class of 10 today! Its kinda weird having so few, but it does open up some different opportunities in the class albeit at the cost of some others.
The children get in anytime after 7:30AM which means I need to be prepared the night before as I only get into school at around 7:10AM at the moment. They hear the National Anthem at 7:50 and start the lessons at 8, although they National Anthem didn’t happen today.

The timetable seems to be taken up with lots of eating and playtimes, not that I’m against that. the first play and snack break is at 9:50 for half an hour then they come back for a bit before going to lunch for 50 mins at 11:20. After returning from lunch we do a bit of work then go to snack and play at 1:20 before going home at 2, how am I going to get any teaching done?!

All in all I had a good day, the children (nearly all Thai) were nice, the majority could speak English to some level although I had a couple that chose to stay mute today.

I’ll post again after a couple of weeks to let you know how school is working out and how my Rock Band club is getting on!

I’ve been seeing on the news all the information about the disruption at Government House here in Bangkok, I’m not sure where it is but it has had no effect upon me at all – I’m still safe and well!