Wai Kru Celebration

Tomorrow (Sept 25th) is Wai Kru at our school.
Below I’ve included part of an email sent to me from one of our Thai Teachers who is organising the event tomorrow. This (should) explain what it is and why they do it…

Every year a Wai Kru ceremony is held when the students pay respect to their teachers. They are doing this partly to thank their teachers for teaching them well in the past, but also in order to gain merit and good fortune for the future. The date varies from school to school although Wai Kru is usually held towards the beginning of the new academic year. One thing that is always the same between schools is that it takes place on a Thursday. This is considered an auspicious day for such a ceremony.
Scheduled Activities:

  • The License Holder pays respect to The Buddha image and sits down.
  • Learn about Teacher ceremony.
  • The representative student will talk about “His/Her Teacher”
  • One assigned students from Year 10 will start reading passage to pay homage to teacher.
  • One assigned students from Year 9 read vowing words to behave good and other students follow words by words.
  • The representative students will present the flowers to License Holder, Head Master, Head of Primary and Head of Secondary.
  • The representative students of each class will present the flower garlands to License Holder, Head Master, Head of Primary and Head of Secondary.
  • Head Master will give a speech on teacher ceremony.
  • All students will go back to the class and give flower to their own class teacher.

So there you have it, it sounds, from talking to other teachers new to the school (they have never done it here before), that we get given a lot of flowers and maybe gifts etc. Should be a lot of fun anyway, hopefully I’ll get to take some pictures to put up on here too. Pictures can now be found tagged in my Flick PhotoStream.

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