Junior ICT Companion – A Review

While reading though the weekly TES mail-out I noticed a link to a pretty interesting site: Mr. S Haughton’s Junior ICT Companion.

I’m not sure that I love it’s presentation / style as to me it looks a little dated and these kinds of things really matter to kids! It is however easy to navigate and the buttons are large which helps the children get to where they want to be. Along with that the information the site contains is useful. It is clearly being updated (the notes in the visible text give it away!), which is a good thing and it does have clear explanations of the terms along with a clear illustration.

I found that the more useful parts of the site were the Control & Sequencing section along with the Glossary which could be useful for pointing children towards when preparing ICT presentations or as a source of homework.

All in all I think the site is good, but still in need of some work (which makes me wonder about the other resources TES recommend and I never check out!). The information is good but it is let down by dated design and some broken links which would make it frustrating for a lot of children. However for teachers the information is handy for those who are less computer / ICT literate and as such will probably use it from time to time.