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I have written in the past about ICTOPUS, the ICT resources website. Last week their email shot contained a link to the Pictopus gallery – a collection of images suitable for use in school. All of the images on the site are licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution licence, which means that they can be used legally and free of chrghe. They are organised into categories that make it nice and easy to find images that will be useful by topic.

One critisim that I have though is that you need to be logged in to use the gallery. This pretty much puts to an end any plans of using the gallery with a class of children – something I would like to do from time to time. Knowing that they would have quick and easy access to a range of suitable images would be an advantage in the lessons where I don’t want them to spend half it searching for images.

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  1. Hi Tim,

    Great minds think alike!

    We too were worried that children couldn’t get direct access to the Pictopus gallery so we have now created direct access via a pupil log in.

    The teacher has to be registered in order for the class to use this facility, and by logging in and clicking on ‘my details’ they can then set up a separate log in for the class to use.

    To allow the children access to the gallery get them to click on the Pictopus icon on the ictopus home page http://www.ictopus.org.uk and then to log in using the pupil log username and password.

    We haven’t yet had a class of children try to log in at the same time so it will be interesting to see if the system can cope with multiple log ins with a single username and password.

    Let’s hope it works!

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